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I'm grateful every day for the students that show up in my classes & trainings. Through the eyes of the student I continue to learn more about this practice and mySELF. May we remember we are all students of life. 

I was lucky enough to discover Lauren's yoga classes almost 4 years ago and was instantly hooked.  My yoga practice has improved immensely with the help of Lauren and I am now able to do postures that I never thought I would be able to and my body feels so much better and stronger.  But more importantly, Lauren's infectious enthusiam makes every class a joy to be a part of.  Lauren has created a community through her classes where every person is accepted, no matter their skill level or whatever he or she may be looking for from yoga.  The supportive atmosphere means that no one is afraid to push themselves to new levels and try new postures or in some cases, not push themselves but rather honour their bodies instead of feeling like they are in competition with the other students.  I cannot say enough about Lauren - she is a wonderful instructor, motivator and even more, a beautiful person inside and out.  I would highly recommend her to anyone whether that person is just looking to get into yoga, wants to push his or her practice to the next level or has a specific ailment that he or she needs assistance with. Sarah Batut

Three years ago I was introduced to Lauren and through her I was introduced to this thing called yoga.
I was 50 years old, a successful businessman, I had recently had a heart attack and was recovering and was looking for a way to get control over my health and to get to a place of sustainable health.

My first yoga experience was a private lesson with Lauren and she has a way about her that made me feel like I could get myself back into shape and that it would be fun even. And she shared her own story of having been hit by a car andbadly injured and how she healed her body and her confidence through yoga, and I completely believed her, and drew strength from that.

In the past 3 years that I have been practicing yoga with Lauren I have been inspired by her, learned from her (she is a gifted teacher) and have always come away from one of her classes feeling physically much healthier and emotionally uplifted and inspired. I used to go to the gym a lot before I learned about yoga through Lauren and now I encourage all my friends to try this thing called yoga, yoga with Lauren because it truly is special. This is the way to a truly healthy body and mind and it is fun.

Many times I have thought about Lauren in the context of one of the great people, those that are truly gifted, and I know that she is one of them. I feel very lucky to have been introduced to Lauren and to have been her student these past three years. Sincerely, Gord McDougall

The classes that I take with Lauren are challenging, she definitely makes you work and sweat. But they are always fun, her favorite thing to say is "relax your face, look like you’re having fun", there is definitely a lot of laughter in one of Lauren’s classes. After a class with Lauren, I feel as if I had a good workout and have stretched my body about as much as it is going to go. I love how Lauren challenges you to take your practice a step further, but she is so supportive if you are happy staying where you are, according to Lauren we are amazing just the way we are. I think that describes her perfectly because she does make you feel special. I recommend my friends and family to take yoga with Lauren because I trust her completely and know that whatever that person is looking for out of their practice that Lauren will listen to them and then help them achieve it. Kate Pratsides

Lauren's Yoga has been a saving grace for me.  I went to meet Lauren at the open house because of her background in therapeutics and the minute that I walked into the studio I felt at home.  Thanks to Lauren’s initial guidance I knew which classes would be good for my personal needs and have been more than successfully able to participate.  I went to Muddy Roots searching for assistance with pain relief and found a peace within myself that I only imagined and this is thanks to all of the teachers.  I have never met an entire group of people who are so kind, welcoming, supportive and encouraging.  This feeling of community is only enhanced by the studio’s location.  I have had some amazing classes while listening to the wind and rain or having the sun shining in on me.  Words are not enough to express the joy I am able to take in of the world around me or the ecstatic excitement I had the day that I was able to touch my toes, and I can’t wait to see what else Muddy Roots has in store as they continue to grow. Michelle Raycroft 2011

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